Meet Mindful Moose!

LaLasana Flow has a new team member!  With that comes a new look, feel, and intention – but first, let’s take a moment to meet Mindful Moose…

Mindful Moose is a character that has been in my life for a long time, and I’ve just recently been inspired to share him with the world!  Why a moose?  Because I love moose haha  I’ve been drawing cartoon moose since I was a child, and I never new why until quite recently.  My moose cheer me up and help me express myself.  I draw them literally everywhere!  And whenever I stumble upon one of my creations, seeing them smile back at me with perky antlers always lifts my spirits.  So now, I want the world to see these cute little moose to help lift the spirits of others!

I’ve chosen to share my moose using the character Mindful Moose.  He’s a fun-loving, goofy little moose with the goal of spreading the power of mindfulness (in fun ways, of course!)  You may see Mindful Moose changing appearance periodically – this is because I am not a trained or experienced artist and am experimenting with different ways to express him until I land on the medium that fits Mindful Moose best!

Stay tuned for some goofy antics and life lessons inspired by Mindful Moose!


Hi there!  I’m Mindful Moose – I have been placed on this earth to spread peace, love, and joy!


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