Love Your Body!

In case you haven’t gotten the message – it is time to love and appreciate the incredible gift you were born with!  I’m talking about your body, the vessel that you use to navigate through this beautiful world. Here is a free and easy practice to grow your gratitude for your body:

  • Place one hand on your chest – feel your heart beating.  It’s one of the millions of miracles occurring in your body right now.
  • Seal your lips and take a deep breath – the deepest breath you’ve taken all week.  Fill every pocket in your lungs!  Feel this life force filling your body!  Isn’t it wonderful?  There is nothing on earth that is more fulfilling than a full breath.
  • On your next inhale, lift your arms up towards the sky.  Stretch them as high as you can!  Turn your gaze upwards and smile.  Simply smile.

You are so alive right now, thanks to your miraculous body.  Your body is strong in it’s natural state, all you have to do is listen to it.  Sometimes the body needs nourishment – don’t deny it!  Sometimes the body needs movement and sometimes it needs rest – find your balance.  This whole experience of life is a beautiful, miracle-filled process.  It’s worth living and experiencing the good and the bad!  But to experience it fully, we need to love and care for our bodies.

So go forth with a renewed boldness and love for your body!  Your body is so beautiful and perfect – it allows you to live this amazing life, never forget this miracle you have been given.


I have barely scratched the surface on what it takes to love your body.  For more help, Ramdesh Kaur’s book The Body Temple is a great resource for learning to love your body using yoga and meditation – I highly recommend it to anyone starting the journey towards body acceptance.  The Body Temple is worth every penny!

And stay tuned for more golden nuggets on the journey towards complete self love.



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