A Motivation Boost

We are now at the point in the year when people are starting to doubt the intentions they set for the New Year.  Well, have no fear!  Your motivation is here!

There’s a tool we use in yoga called a mantra.  A mantra is a word or phrase that you repeat in order to gain certain spiritual benefits.  You may have heard this one: “om.”  In yoga, the mantras we say are typically in the Sanskrit language, so the vibrations of the words are healing even more so than their actual meaning.

But you don’t need to know any Sanskrit in order to utilize the power of mantras!  Think of a word or phrase that you need most in your life right now.  If your feeling self-conscious, you could say “I am beautiful.”  If you’re sad or depressed, you could say “I love my life!”  If you are lacking motivation to follow your intentions, then say this powerful phrase:

I Can & I Will

I am borrowing this phrase from a wonderful site focused on helping people recover from eating disorders.  You can learn more about these great people at www.recoverywarriors.com.

Now, whatever phrase you chose, you need to truly believe in your mantra.  This may not happen the first time you say it, but the more you repeat it, the more it will become true!  And the more true your mantra becomes, the more you will believe it – you will be stuck on an upward spiral until you manifest your dreams!

Use your mantra whenever and wherever you want.  Be proactive and write your mantra everywhere: on your desktop, your bathroom mirror, your front door, anywhere!  And whenever you feel weak, that is when you really lean on your mantra.  When you start moving away from your goals, stop and repeat your mantra over and over again.  It’s best to say it as loud as you can, but if you’re in public you may just repeat it in your head.  (For some reason, our society doesn’t like it when people talk to themselves repetitively…)  In times of weakness, repeat your mantra until you sincerely believe it again, then you can continue onward in a bright, positive light.


I will definitely be repeating my mantra through my times of struggle – it is the most versatile (and cheapest) tool to get in the right frame of mind!  I Can & I Will!  If you have any other mantras that you like by, please share them below and never stop believing in yourself.


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