The One Thing You Need for a Perfect Body

After years of battling with body issues, overexercising, and food obsessions, I have found the secret for obtaining a perfect body…. here it is:

All you need is Self Love

Some of you may be thinking “I’ll love my body after I lose 10 lbs”, or “how can I get a perfect body if I never try to change it?”  The truth is, your body is perfect in its natural form, right here, right now.  Take a moment to tell yourself this:

My body is perfect

Your body is merely a vessel, giving you the ability to experience your life.  As long as you can breathe and move, you do not need to actively change your body – you simply need to love it!  Once you love your body, that’s when the magic happens…

After you truly love your body, you start to care for it.  Suddenly, eating fruits and vegetables is easy because they give you energy.  You practice yoga, walk, run, and exercise because it feels good – not because it burns calories.  Even daily hygiene becomes a fun part of your day, rather than a necessary chore.

Overtime, your body will change in the best ways possible!  Your energy levels rise, your skin glows, and you may even lose weight.  But at that point, you won’t even care about the weight – you’ll be too busy loving your life!

This world is far to beautiful to waste time worrying about how you look.  You are beautiful and your body is perfect just the way it is.  Now go love yourself and live your amazing life!


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5 thoughts on “The One Thing You Need for a Perfect Body

  1. Janna

    So very true. I had never thought about loving your body and your self, but if you love your body you automatically feel better. What a lovely thought.


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